Pat Mastelotto: Beats By Any Means

Groove Analysis

It will probably come as no surprise to fans of King Crimson that drummer Pat Mastelotto’s recent CD, Recidivate, is full of odd time signatures and innovative grooves and song ideas that will continually challenge expectations. It’s actually two CDs of material from Mastelotto’s various projects over the years featuring many iconic prog rock collaborators including Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. Many of these tracks feature overdubbed percussion and efx so these transcriptions will focus on his decipherable drum set parts. He’s certainly come a long way since Mr. Mister.

This 7/8 tune has an unusual open hi-hat part that is moved to what sounds like a China cymbal in the third measure. My best guess is he’s playing his left hand on the hi-hat while his right hand plays the “melody” on toms, China, and his ride bell.

pat mastelotto

KTU is an interesting quartet that also features fellow Crimson alum Trey Gunn. I saw them five years ago as a trio and they were easily the best accordion-centric progressive rock band I’ve ever seen. Kataklasm is a heavy instrumental rock tune in 6/4 that Mastelotto plays straightforwardly, always supporting the dominant riffs.

pat mastelotto

“XTCU2” by TU
This is a duet between Mastelotto and Gunn that features an all-too-brief drum solo. For the 9:8 figure Mastelotto uses a RLL sticking pattern. The last bar has a nice linear pattern again with his right hand leading the accents and his left hand following using variations of RLF.

pat mastelotto

“Makes No Sense At All”
I can’t get this catchy song out of my head, but in this case that’s a good thing. This is surprisingly funky, with tasty percussion overdubs. Mastelotto’s choice of a papery Roland 808-ish snare drum is an odd yet ultimately perfect choice for this track.

pat mastelotto
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