Weezer: Patrick Wilson’s Never-Ending Shred Quest

Two Tickets To Paradise

Seven albums and millions of dollars later, Weezer’s rise from slaughterhouse Rush rats to L.A. alternative rock heroes is the stuff of legend – or at least the soundtrack to your next meal at Applebee’s. Success hasn’t changed Wilson; it’s only made him more determined to understand the way things work, and make them his own.

“I have a theory that there are too many people out there with a laptop mastering records,” he contends. “And too many of them are relying on Pro Tools to make crappy listenable. If people really played and took it seriously you’d be able to walk to any bar and see the most amazing players. But nobody wants to put the time in to learn how to really play.”

Wilson can play multiple instruments, sing, produce, and engineer. When you’ve got it all, maybe the big picture is what becomes most important. Just ask Bill Gates, or Patrick Wilson.

“I am fascinated with sound,” he admits. “Why does ’When The Levee Breaks’ sound the way it does? Nothing else sounds like that. It’s amazing. ’Walking On The Moon’ [The Police] is another, and ’Time’ by Pink Floyd, or Talk Talk’s later records – they sound remarkable. The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour is overlooked. The title track has such a bitching sound.”

How can the rest of us, drummers and other instrumentalists alike, reach the top and achieve that “bitching sound” Wilson craves?

“Two things,” Wilson replies. “Follow your love – whatever it is that drives you, and nurture that. Cause not everybody has that. And the other thing is, go for it! Who cares? You’ve got one shot at this. Every person in the world told me I was a douche bag for moving to L.A. I didn’t care. ’It’s gotta be better than Buffalo,’ I thought. So follow your passion because in the end it’s the only thing you’re going to wind up caring about.”

Wilson’s Setup

Drums: Ludwig Super Classic (White Sparkle finish)
1 22" x 16" Bass Drum
2 14" x 6.5" Supra-Phonic 402 Snare Drum
3 13" x 11" Tom
4 16" x 16" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Zildjian K Custom
A 14" Hi-Hat
B 18" Crash
C 19" Crash
D 21" Ride

Patrick Wilson also uses Vater sticks, DW 9000 pedal, and Remo heads.

Next page: A transcription and analysis of Patrick Wilson’s drum parts on two songs off from Hurley, the latest album by Weezer.

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