Pick of the Week: Deep Polyrhythms

Displace Beats With Intro To Polyrhythms

By Radim McCue Published August 6, 2009

This week we spotlight some great new lessons in polyrhythms from the book, Intro To Polyrhythms by drummer Ari Hoenig and bassist Johannes Weidenmueller. This is a book and DVD that focuses on teaching advanced jazz rhythms, polyrhythms, and harmonic displacement. Grooves are included for all the exercises with specific exercises for drummers, bassists, and pianists. You can practice in a group or just work through the material with the help of the videos on the DVD. The author's use the core groove concept as a lens for helping students learn subdivisions and apply them. It's available from Mel Bay, Amazon and other outlets.

Here's a youtube clip of the authors from the DVD.

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