POV: Are Rimshots A Big Part Of Your Drumming?

Nick Jett
Age: 29
Drumming Experience: 18 years
Band: Terror

“Almost every time I hit the snare, I use the middle of my stick to hit the rim. It gives the snare hit a crack and more volume. I gotta compete with the loud guitars on stage.”

Carlos Verdugo
Age: 26
Drumming Experience: 14 years
Band: Tribal Seeds

“Rimshots are a very important aspect to my drumming. The rimshot allows me to change up the rhythm, sound, and overall texture of any song we’re droppin’.”

Daniel Williams
Age: 25
Drumming Experience: 10 years
Band: The Devil Wears Prada

“Most definitely. Using dynamics is an important part of music for any drummer, and rimshots are simply the climax.”

Xavier Muriel
Age: 44
Drumming Experience: 33 years
Band: Buck Cherry

“As a rock drummer rimshots are a huge part of my playing. It increases volume and tone on not only the snare but rack and floors as well.”

Kevin Marks
Age: 34
Drumming Experience: 18 years
Band: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

“I use them primarily when we break down a section of a song, otherwise I prefer the sound of a regular snare hit.”


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  • I agree with Nick Jett that you often have to compete with guitarists as far as volume. This was especially true for me back in the day. No doubt it has contributed to my “chronic tendonitis”.