POV: Are Rimshots A Big Part Of Your Drumming?

POV: Are Rimshots A Big Part Of Your Drumming?

Nick Jett
Age: 29
Drumming Experience: 18 years
Band: Terror

“Almost every time I hit the snare, I use the middle of my stick to hit the rim. It gives the snare hit a crack and more volume. I gotta compete with the loud guitars on stage.”

Carlos Verdugo
Age: 26
Drumming Experience: 14 years
Band: Tribal Seeds

“Rimshots are a very important aspect to my drumming. The rimshot allows me to change up the rhythm, sound, and overall texture of any song we’re droppin’.”

Daniel Williams
Age: 25
Drumming Experience: 10 years
Band: The Devil Wears Prada

“Most definitely. Using dynamics is an important part of music for any drummer, and rimshots are simply the climax.”

Xavier Muriel
Age: 44
Drumming Experience: 33 years
Band: Buck Cherry

“As a rock drummer rimshots are a huge part of my playing. It increases volume and tone on not only the snare but rack and floors as well.”

Kevin Marks
Age: 34
Drumming Experience: 18 years
Band: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

“I use them primarily when we break down a section of a song, otherwise I prefer the sound of a regular snare hit.”

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