Awaken The Empire Drum POV Playthrough

POV Playthrough Of Awaken The Empire Single

We couldn’t be happier to host the debut of this “drummer POV playthrough” video of the song “Rise And Fall” by L.A. alt rock powerhouse Awaken The Empire. Shot from the perspective of Daryl Falconer’s drum throne, we get the chance to witness his sticking patterns throughout the burning performance.

“’Rise and Fall’ is one of my favorite songs to play live because it’s such a powerful, honest anthem,” Falconer says. “It’s all about fighting in a band to make it, and finding strength in accepting that things are going to be amazing one second and then a total catastrophe the next.

“As far as my playing is concerned, the song is a pretty straightforward rock song; a lot of driving four-on-the-floor, with a mix of explosive accented hits.”

Citing the influences behind his drum style, Falconer says, “I’ve always looked up to really emotional drummers like Dave Grohl and John Bonham – guys that hit really hard, have a good time, and lose themselves in the music.”

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