Press Release: New Sabian APX Cymbals Cut Through Hard Roc

New Sabian APX Cymbals Cut Through Hard Rock


By Wiretapper

MEDUCTIC, Canada – The early ads are a hoot, showing an APX ride cymbal as the "blade" of a guillotine, ready to slice through a big guitar amp. But the message is clear. APX, the new professional cymbals from Sabian, are designed to cut through the noise in any musical environment. Featuring a design that Sabian calls "High-Decibel" it delivers a super-bright, intensely-loud, robust and focused response with extreme cutting power. SABIAN’s Product Specialist Mark Love notes, “Its ideal for cutting through the raging guitars, heavy riffing and high-powered output of hard rock and heavy metal bands.”   Top drummers already playing APX include Ray Luzier (Korn), Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace), George Kollias (Nile), John Kelly (Type-O Negative), and Rich Beddoe (Finger Eleven).

"Our band has a really aggressive, guitar-driven sound, so I’m playing APX because they’re packed with power and cut through so loudly and clearly,” said Neil Sanderson, drummer for Three Days Grace.  “They’re also really efficient, which means I don’t need to hit them hard, which lets me put all my energy into bashing my drums. With APX I’m never short on volume."

"APX is designed to cut through any music at any volume, whether it’s a rock band blasting in a club, or a hard rock or heavy metal group playing to thousands from the main stage of the Warped Tour or OzzFest," Love said, adding "The sound is absolutely intense."

To design APX, SABIAN introduced new production processes that  result in a unique appearance for these cymbals.  In addition to ride, splash, crash, hats, and Chinese in two sizes, the APX series also includes two O-Zone crashes that feature a multi-holed design creating fast, trashy sounds; high-powered rock-heavy Solid models for the most intense responses; and ‘Sonically Matched’ pre-packs in two Performance Set variations (14” hats,16” crash, 20” ride or 14” hats, 18” crash, 22” ride) and an Effects Pack (10” splash, 18” Chinese).

APX is quality protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.  Cymbals are available individually or in specially priced ‘Sonically Matched’ sets. For info, contact

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