Press Release: Purdue University Drumline Endorses Silver Fox

SilverFox At Home In Drumlines As Well

Purdue University Drumline endorses Silver Fox.

WOBURN, MA — January 7, 2008 — Grover Pro Percussion Inc., makers of SilverFox sticks, has announced that the Purdue University Drumline, home of the world’s largest bass drum, exclusively endorses SilverFox drumsticks and mallets.

One of the nation’s finest college marching bands, the Purdue University “All-American” Marching Band first appeared on the West Lafayette, Ind., campus in 1886. The acclaimed Purdue Drumline provides the band’s pulse-pounding heartbeat, led by its world famous “World’s Largest Bass Drum.”

SilverFox is an up-and-coming brand with rock drummers but its products are a hit with drumlines, too. The SilverFox line of marching sticks for snare drum, bass drum and tenors perfectly compliments the high-energy playing style of the Purdue Drumline. Dr. Pamela J. Nave, Associate Professor of Bands, serves as the percussion specialist for the Purdue Bands and is delighted with the sound quality and projection achieved with the SilverFox line.

“SilverFox marching sticks and mallets have truly changed the sound of the Purdue University Drumline!” Dr. Nave said. “The snares maintain a more unified sound which makes it easier to play clean. The tenor sticks and mallets give the tenors the opportunity to change timbre and allow great projection in a 67,000 person stadium.”


SilverFox products are available through a select network of quality oriented percussion retailers in the U.S. and abroad. For more information about Grover Pro Percussion:

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