Earn That Sixpack: Vertical Knee Leg Raises

Earn That Six Pack

By Craig Nunemacher
Published May 6, 2010

Vertical knee leg raises are effective in helping to fire up the abdominals. Generally, you want to avoid any abdominal exercises that allow you to perfom 25 or more reps. Stick with something that will target the area and provide the best resistance to the abs. This exercise can be done from a hanging chin up bar/vertical knee lift combo, but I prefer to use the vertical knee-up machine with elbow pads and handles.

Step 1 First, hop up into position using the two elevated steps provided on this particular machine. Keeping your legs straight, lift them as high as you can and hold them for a second.

Step 2 Then lower them back down to the start position. That’s one rep. Having your legs as straight as possible adds resistance to the exercise, working the abdominal area completely.

Perform this exercise for as many reps as you can, but the 10–20 rep range is reasonable. If you are doing more than that, you’re in great shape and you should move on to more challenging resistance exercises. Attaching a 10lb. plate or more to your feet will offer excellent resistance. Just find some elbow straps or something similar and attach the plate beforehand.

Make sure you always use good form. Like I always say, poor form equals poor results. Remember, if you feel any discomfort performing any of these exercises, consult your trainer or physician for help.

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