“Rush: Moving Pictures” Songbook Now Available

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alfred Publishing is introducing the authentic drumset edition of Rush: Moving Pictures. This new songbook showcases the amazing, technical proficiency of award-winning drummer Neil Peart in perfectly transcribed note-for-note detail, so any drummer can accurately play these legendary tracks from Moving Pictures.

A favorite among Rush fans, Moving Pictures, has sold over 4 million copies and peaked at number 3 on the Billboard charts—making this one of Rush’s best albums, both commercially and critically. Now drummers can read and play Neil Peart’s phenomenal drumming passages, as heard on every song in the album, including “Limelight,” “Tom Sawyer,” and the instrumental track “YYZ,” which was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental category.

Rush: Moving Pictures, authentic drumset edition, is now available for $14.95. Formore information log on to alfred.com .