Salute of the day to Giovanni Hidalgo

Today we salute Giovanni Hidalgo. The esteemed master conguero and long time member of our artist family walked away with a 2009 Grammy for the Global Drum Project. The album, which also featured top-ranking artist-advocates Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, and Sikiru Adepoju, won hands down in the category Best Contemporary World Music. What's interesting is that this group also won in 1991 for the very first world music Grammy.

The Global Drum Project is no pick-up band. There's plenty of history—over fifteen years. In fact, the award celebrates the long-awaited reunion of the same musicians responsible for another Grammy—earned for Planet Drum in 1991. Then as now, the albums and subsequent tours embody Mickey Hart's vision of percussion as a unifying force. Each musician has built a career devoted to excellence on heritage and modern instruments. Giovanni Hidalgo, to name one, has persisted at creating new benchmarks for conga execution.

Giovanni Hidalgo plays LP congas exclusively.

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