Santiago Cabakian: “Baterista De Metal”

Santiago Cabakian

AGE 30

EQUIPMENT Pearl Master Custom series drums, Orion cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Tama hardware.

CONTACT .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Santiago Cabakian’s musical studies began at age six but this aspiring rocker didn’t get serious until he started earning kudos playing parties around Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo as a teen. Shedding eight hours a day in everything from metalcore to the uniquely Uruguayan rhythms of candombe and murga, Cabakian soon had chops good enough to record ads for radio stations and perform session work whenever he could get it. He currently plays with alternative rockers Indigo and the more metal-oriented Aplanadora, both of whom released albums this year, and went on cross-country jaunts culminating in a gig at La Trastiendo, Uruguay’s biggest venue. An instructional DVD is in the works and he continues to give private lessons, but Cabakian considers a recent performance with Tim Ripper Owens, former lead singer of Judas Priest, a good omen. This ’baterista de metal’ might be way down South, but drummers in both hemispheres should watch their backs.

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