Santo Florelli: Master Of Musical Sensitivity

Santo Florelli: A Master Of Musical Sensitivity

Santo Florelli
Age: 35
Equipment: Rotodrum drums, Saluda and Istanbul Agop cymbals, DW 3000 pedal, Remo Ambassador heads, and Vater Fusion sticks

To witness an example of extraordinarily sensitive playing, log onto the above listed Web site of Santo Florelli, a New Jersey-based drummer and instructor who doesn’t know the meaning of genre limitations. The solo starts off with a one- then two-handed shuffle. While doing that, he subdivides the right-hand strokes between the hat and the ride before, oh, what the hell, throwing in a clave. Florelli, who has played with Italian rock band Altera, the Terence Brown Trio, and jazz-tango experimenters Aparecidos, received the bulk of his music education abroad while at the Academy Of Music in Milan and teaching at the Città Della Musica before returning to the States. But for Florelli, the pursuit of drumming knowledge is unending. Currently, he’s trying to master heel-toe technique, polyrhythms for use in Afro Cuban/Brazilian musical contexts, and fulcrum change during fast strokes to attain “a woody sound and faster musical flow.” Geez, Santo, is that all?

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