DRUM! Free E-Book Supplement Features Will Calhoun Of Living Colour

Will Calhoun: Living Color Takes A Giant Step

[Editor's Note: We like our readers. So when we found ourselves with more cover stories than issues to put them in recently we decided to give them this story as a free e-book. Will Calhoun is a legendary drummer on many levels. I hope you find inspiration in his work and his approach.]

It takes guts to stop a high-profile recording session in its tracks to tell your bandmates the unvarnished truth when everything is on the line. But that is what Will Calhoun did near the end of Living Colour's latest studio sessions.

Will wanted the sound of the band to be faithful to the legacy of the group's earliest recordings. In this story we learn how he has faithfully recreated the sonic palette that is true to Living Colour, as well as explore how his adventures in Africa have expanded his vision and performances over the years. Enjoy it.