JIm Black Shreds Hammerax Cymbals

Jim Black Is Killin' It With Hammerax Cymbals

Hammerax Cymbals look like some demented weapons brought back from the middle ages, but sonically they sound pretty rad! According to Hammerax they feature "an unusual wobbling quality where the cymbal appears to move in slow motion." The wobble motion is much more than an effect which produces a "beautiful vibrato that works really well in many styles." Check out Jim Black who joined forces with Vox Lucy in this hypnotic track called "Pledge."

"Jim Black is a poet", stated John Stannard, Hammerax president. "He's reached a state of mastery where he can simply sit down at a kit and tell a story. In this song, Jim requested some of our most powerful instruments."

Vox Lucy is a new band, comprised of anonymous members, including a 3 year old. Black was called in on "Pledge", and sight read the song, recording it in 2 takes.

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