Stephanie Eulinberg: Rockin’ Kid Rock

Stephanie Eulinberg: Rockin' Kid Rock

You can’t watch MTV for more than 15 minutes without seeing the “Bawitdaba” video featuring Kid Rock and his band Twisted Brown Trucker. In the video, a platinum locked she-demon uncoils, imposing her will on an overmatched set of vintage Ludwigs. In reality, the drums were no match for drummer Stephanie Eulinberg, who wasn’t happy about using the kit for the videotaping. The shoot was halted several times to resurrect the rickety drums and pencil-like stands. “Vintage drums will always have a place in my heart, but for this gig, I would go through them like bam, bam, bam!” she describes.

Unlike the video kit, Eulinberg is no pushover. After years of playing in Top 40 bands and commercial projects, she booked a Milwaukee studio to record a solo album. Kid Rock found her through Beck’s DJ Swamp, a tape of Kid’s material was sent out, and Eulinberg used the studio time instead to record an audition. She over-nighted her demo back and was immediately invited to join the band.

Once Eulinberg was in, some attitude adjustment was necessary, since many references about women in Kid Rock’s music are controversial. “When I first joined the band it was kind of scary, because we had a few people – not in the band, but in the crew – who were constantly saying, ’You ho, you bitch.’ So one day I said, ’Bob [Kid Rock’s given name], the worst thing that can happen is to live with a bunch of guys and be called ’bitch’ all day.’ So after that, everyone understood where I was coming from and it’s been no problem ever since.”

Now that the bumps are gone, the golden road continues as Stephanie and the band briefly exit a U.S. tour with Limp Bizkit and proceed on to Germany to shoot an MTV special. The next year promises three albums from the Kid Rock entourage, and eventually after the Kid Rock commitments, Eulinberg hopes to find the time to work on a “power trio chick thing” project playing guitar or bass with Samantha Maloney from Hole on drums.

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