[BLOG] Supernatural Parties It Up At NAMM

Supernatural Summons The Parties At NAMM

By Radim McCue Published January 14, 2011

Aunt Kizzy's Boys kicked off the Supernatural party.

The NAMM event features more than 1,500 exhibitors spread over half a dozen exhibit halls and surrounding hotels. What do they exhibit? Everything from recording studio gear and lighting equipment to drums, saxophones, and mandolins. At night the 85,000 visitors are induced to relax with manufacturer-sponsored concerts, parties, and artist showcases. Tonight we dropped by events put on by Sabian and other companies, including Supernatural Cymbals. We hit their event an hour ago to catch some of the acts they're presenting. I asked company partner John Sheridan the purpose of the event and he said, "We're still a new company. We wanted to show the people that this is for real and our commitment to our artists is what it's all about." Sounds good to us.

John Sheridan and close friend.

Blues singer Sugaray of Aunt Kizzy's Boys (above) led a scary-good set of Chicago blues. The tremendous rhythm section is anchored by Sunpernatural endorser Dwane Hathorn, pictured here.

Dwane Hathorn puts the pedal to the metal on his Battlefield drums and Supernatural cymbalsl.

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