The 10 Heaviest Drummers Of All Time

Mike Bordin

The style of Faith No More’s Mike Bordin is a textbook balancing act between hard rock balls and hip-hop boom bap (and a telling glimpse at how similar the two are). With Bordin, it was the space on either side of every whip-y, liquid strike that gave ballast to Faith No More’s funk-metal wackiness – even the rim-clicks on the eight-minute “The Real Thing” possess a lingering, visceral crack. When he joined Ozzy Osbourne in 1995, it allowed him to play looser time-wise, but with greater heft. (Check out “I Don’t Want To Stop” for a surprise-filled display of tensile strength.) No doubt, the stint with Ozzy paved the way for his brief replacement of Bill Ward in Black Sabbath, where he further plumbed the depths of ur-metal groove. Is it any wonder Bordin was the first guy Korn called to fill in when David Silveria was injured on 2000’s Sick And Twisted Tour? Here’s to hoping rumors of the drummer recording new Faith No More material will become reality.

Heavy Thoughts
“I’ve always been into really heavy music. When I was young, whether it was Jimi Hendrix, or Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple, or the Scorpions … what I chew on kind of comes out, and I’ve always chewed on heavy stuff.”
–NME interview

Gear Yamaha drums, Brady snare, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Remo heads.

Style An unusually powerful player, Bordin is a lefty who plays a right-handed kit, and his unconventional open-handed stance helps him hit his snare as forcefully as anyone around. The Faith No More song “Epic” was an alternative rap-rock anthem and helped open the door to other bands that wanted to mix metal with other influences. The track starts with a powerful and funky rock groove that starts each bar with three quick sixteenth-notes on the kick drum. The drums break down to just a kick drum, snare, the bass line, and the rap in the verse.

Recommended Listening
With Faith No More (on Slash): Introduce Yourself; Angel Dust. (On London): The Real Thing. With Ozzy Osbourne (on Sony): Down To Earth. (On Epic): Live At Budokan. With Jerry Cantrell (on Roadrunner): Degradation Trip.

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