Theater Drummers: Super Troupers

Sawicki’s Setup

John Sawicki

Percussion: (self-fabricated)
A Tunable oil drum with sailcloth head
B Plastic industrial tub with offset Plexi-Glass head (w/free-floating mike)
C Fire extinguisher (hat/ride sound)
D Custom bucket base (snare sound)
E Inverted trash pail (w/ internal mike)
F Smaller fire extinguisher (ghost-notes)
G Beer-cap “jingle sticks” on dowels
H Small inverted trash pail (tom sound)

John Sawicki and the members of Stomp! also use Ahead sticks.

Mack’s Setup

James Mack

Drums: LP
1 11" x 30" Quinto
2 11.75" x 30" Conga
3 12.5" x 30" Tumba
4 13" Traditional Djembe (Guinea) w/ cowskin head
5 Generation II Bongos
6 13"/14" Tito Puente Stainless-steel Timbales
7 12"/16" Traditional Djun-djun (Guinea) w/ cowskin head
8 Traditional Darbuka (Egypt)
9 Cajon By Mario Cortes
10 Mambo and Salsa Cowbells

Cymbals: Zildjian
A 10" Gong
B 14" Gong
C 6" Splash (inverted)
D 10" Splash
E 14" China
F 16" Crash
G 16" China
H 10" Tibetan Gong
I 6" Zil Bell

Percussion: LP
1 Table includes Jingle Stick, African Double Shaker, Clay-Tone Udu, Pro Shekere, Jam Block, Bell Tree, Lu Bar and Studio series double-row bar chimes, Rio Wood pandeiro, and traditional tablas, dhol, and shells.

James Mack also uses Regal Tip sticks and Roland electronics.

Verderame’s Setup

Vince Verderame

Drums: DW Custom Clear Acrylic
1 22" x 14" Bass Drum
2 14" x 5.5" Super Solid Maple Collector’s Series Snare
3 14" x 10" Tom
4 10" x 8" Tom
5 12" x 8" Tom
6 16" x 16" Floor Tom
7 14" x 10" Snare
8 18" x 16" Tom
9 14" x 10" Tom
10 16" x 14" Tom
11 26" x 16" Bass Drum
12 20" x 16" Tom

Cymbals: Sabian
A 14" HHX Power Hi-Hats
B 16" HHX X-Treme Crash
C 18" HHX X-Treme Crash
D 10" HHX Evolution Splash
E 20" HHX Evolution Ride
F 18" Vault Fierce Crash
G 19" Holy China
H Trash Hats: 12" Terry Bozzio Radia (top); 14" AAX Mini Chinese (bottom)
I 19" Paragon Chinese
J 10" Vault Chopper
K 12" Vault Chopper

Electronics: Roland
L SPD-S pad

Vince Verderame also uses DW rack system and DW 9000, hardware, and pedals, Vic Firth 5A, 5B, and Rod Morgenstein sticks and Corpsmaster MB0H mallets, Shure, Audix, and Sennheiser microphones, Remo heads, Puresound snares, and Moon Gel muffling.

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