Tour Diary: On The Road With Thomas Pridgen

Thomas Pridgen


The Mint | Los Angeles, CA

Man, L.A. last night was incredible! We ended up getting to the club at around 6 p.m. I was super excited that my boy Drew from Thump Drums finally was done making me new drums and brought them over. He built the kit out of resin for me. The drums showed up and just from their looks everyone was floored. “They look like art pieces” was the comment a lot of people kept making.

After gawking at the drums for over an hour we decided to put new heads on ’em and get ’em ready for the show. We put the heads on and tuned them up as best we could without setting the whole kit up.

An old lady who reminded me of my grandma came and told us how crazy the alley by the Mint got so we had to keep it quiet. After tuning softly I started to warm up in the van just with sticks.

I was so excited about the drums and playing on ’em for the first time I kept checking to see if the last band was done. After four bands it was our turn. When we put the drums on stage kids just flipped out.

After sound checking ’em I was pumped. They sounded super open and big — I was juiced!

I think the highlight of the show was just being able to play a unique new drum set and watch it hold up to my abuse!

The show was great. The people there loved the music and enjoyed seeing us and the new monster. After seeing that this could work I’m planning on powder coating the hardware and installing lights in the drums.

Thomas Pridgen


Double Door | Chicago, IL

“Guitarist Nick ‘Shreddy Krueger’ Brewer takes in the crowd in Chicago.”

We had an amazing show in Chicago. We always have a great time there. We got to the Double Door and there were, like, nine bands playing (haha!) in different rooms, of course. But yeah, it was packed.

I watched the opening bands’ sets and ran around for a bit talking to homies I knew who came out. Then it was our turn.

Thomas Pridgen

The soundman was a little baffled by the stage setup (drums turned backwards). He struggled to get the lines working. I guess it’s hard when your original left side is now right … but he worked it out.

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