Tour Diary: On The Road With Thomas Pridgen

Corazon Nightclub | Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico was amazing. We showed up in town after our El Paso show got cancelled. Met up with some friends there who were trying to get a show on the ninth. We ended up with two gigs, one in Albuquerque and the other in Santa Fe, an hour away.

We got to the first show and noticed how cool everyone was and how close the place was to where we stayed the night before. We were supposed to play last but we asked the other bands if we could go on earlier. After eating and grabbing ice cream from McDonald’s the night seemed to be moving fast and it was time for us to unload the van. We began to start setting up our gear outside when a rush of people came up and packed out the place.

The first band finished up and it was our turn. We played a 40-minute set, which was completely on fire, then we quickly packed up our gear and booked it to Santa Fe, where we played in front of a bar crowd.

The sound guy took a minute to get our sound dialed in, but by song two we were on it. We played another 50 minutes and then ended.

I was very excited because we never played two shows in one night and we totally pulled it off.

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