Tiger Bill’s Speed Lesson #61: Increase Your Speed Around The Drums - Part 4

Tiger Bill's Speed Lesson #61: Increase Your Speed Around The Drums - Part 4

Welcome to part four in my series designed to increase your speed around the drumset. It is based on my concepts of Tension Free Drumming, which allow you to play at maximum speed, power, endurance, and precision while maintaining exact control over each stroke. If you missed any of the previous lessons, I suggest you work on them before moving to this one. When practiced in the proper order, these exercises will help you improve your "mobile" speed, which is a term that means your speed as you move around the drumset.

Video Lesson

After studying the written exercise below, watch the video clip. First, I demonstrate the optimum method of playing the exercise slowly and then I play it up to speed. Always start slowly and build your speed gradually, maintaining control and freedom from tension all the way up the metronome.


When playing this exercise up to speed on the video clip, you'll notice that I start the exercise with a single drumstick in my right hand and then switch the stick to my left hand without stopping. I am simply doing this for fun and it is not meant to be part of the exercise. At least not in the beginning. But after you are able to play the exercise up to speed, you may want to try stick switching. It never hurts to add a few showboating stunts to your drumming bag of tricks!

For more details on my concepts of Tension Free Drumming, visit http://www.tensionfreedrumming.com. For drum talk in general, check out my Drummersblog.TigerBill.com.

Feel free to email questions on this month's lesson to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Until next time: Stay loose and have fun!

Tiger Bill Meligari

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