Tomas Haake: Meshuggah’s Djentle Giant

This track has an interesting and creative groove. It starts out with a typical rock pattern occasionally interrupted with an unexpected snare on 3. In the second line the pattern becomes very staccato and broken with his crash cymbal often played on count 2 along with his snare. By avoiding a more typical cymbal pattern Haake creates a jarring start-and-stop effect with this groove that perfectly suits the guitar and bass riffs.

“The Hurt That Finds You First”
The title of this song may refer to trying to follow all the time signatures going on. This crazy song has constantly shifting time signatures ... or does it? If you add up all the time signatures and divide by the quarter-note it turns out I could have written this all in 4/4; though that would obscure the phrasing of the guitar riffs. They don’t classify Meshuggah as math metal for nothing.

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