Vic Firth Releases New Endorser Sticks

Vic Firth Inc. is one of many companies enjoying the renewed popularity of Lenny White and Return to Forever and has released a new Lenny White autograph model. "We're excited to be working with Lenny White as he participates in this year's smash reunion with Return to Forever," said company spokesperson Mark Dyke.

At the same time, they've announced that Joey Heredia has joined the Vic Firth family of endorsers. Joey got his start years ago playing top 40 gigs to Latin audiences in East  L.A. when he was 18. But his big break came when he was chosen by Billy Childs to be part of Dianne Reeves band. His playing style generated considerable interest in the music community and led to Joey being hired to replace one of his idols, the unavailable Alex Acuna, in Tania Maria's touring band.  Joey’s amazing talent and incredible ability to play percussion and drum set at the same time has earned him much respect throughout the drumming community! Joey’s current trio consists of Marco Mendoza on bass and Renato Netto on keys. Vic Firth is currently developing a signature stick with Joey, which will be available in the near future.

For more information, please contact Vic Firth Inc. at or phone: 617-364-6869; fax: 617-364-2571.