What Is Your Favorite Rudiment And Why?

What Is Your Favorite Rudiment And Why?

marco minnemann

Marco Minnemann

Age 43
Years Playing 32
Band Aristocrats, Ephel Duath, Matte Henderson
“One of my favorite rudiments would be the ratamacue. It translates also nicely as a foot ostinato. I like how it incorporates dynamics using a drag and stick alternation, introduced by the drag followed by a triplet phrase.”

will hunt

Will Hunt

Age 42
Years Playing 37
Bands Device, Dark New Day, White Noise Owl
“I love the six-stroke roll. There are endless possibilities with that one, whether just using the hands or especially substituting some of the sticking with the feet.”

kendall newby

Kendall Newby

Age 28
Years Playing 19
Band Moreland & Arbuckle
“It’s really tough to narrow down a single rudiment seeing as how most drummers keep dozens in their wheelhouse, but if I had to pick one, it’d probably be the good old double-stroke roll. It is an invaluable rudiment in terms of developing endurance, dexterity, and finger control.”

scott rockenfield

Scott Rockenfield

Age 51
Years Playing 39
Band Queensr├┐che
“My favorite rudiment would most likely be the paradiddle family. I find that they give me many options and musicality for most of my compositions.”

jonas fairley

Jonas Fairley

Age 43
Years Playing 26
Band Red Dragon Cartel
“Favorite rudiment? There are many but the following works your ambidexterity and your quads, triple- and double-notes LLLL- RRRR-LLL-RRR-LL-RRRR-LLLL-RRR- LLL-RR. Repeat. Good warm up!”

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