Zach Staggers of So So Glos

Zach Staggers Of So So Glos

Age: 22
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Band Name: The So So Glos
Endorsements: Not yet endorsed (please help!)

Originally from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, So So Glos are four brothers who now live at the Market Hotel in Bushwick, New York, with the J train endlessly crushing along the tracks outside. It's a DIY space they founded with promoter Todd P that is both their home and a community. The Hotel has gone on to host some of today's best bands (No Age, The Black Lips, Dan Deacon) and some of the most legendary NYC parties in recent memory. Never content to play hometown heroes, The So So Glos self-released its self-titled full length in 2007 and supported it with DIY touring at house parties and punk clubs all around the U.S. In August, 2008 The band recorded Tourism/Terrorism at Staten Islands SOR studios , produced by Adam Reich and mixed by Spidey (Ghostface Killah).

How would you describe the feel of the new album?
The new album, in terms of the drums is all about the jittery natural feeling. Ifocused less on staying exactly on time as much as I did making the album move organically. I like it raw.

What is your favorite drum part on the new album? Please explain why.
I love the chorus to "My Block." Especially when I rock the triplets.

Do you approach drumming the same way on stage and in the studio?
When we go into the studio I have to think differently about the drums than I do live.

How prepared were you before going into the studio?
I'd say 3/4 prepared. Some, [there was] stuff I really had to sit down and practice when I got in, though.

How long did it take to track your drum parts?
It sometimes took forever, but it could take five minutes too. It's a weird thing. It's like, it's not up to me.

Did you record your tracks with the entire band or alone?
Always with a guitar. I need that cutting treble to feel where the music has to build.

What's your favorite part of touring?
Meeting new people every night. Also getting the set locked so tight. You can practice as much as you want but it's never as tight live as on tour.

Are you able to improvise very much on stage?
A lot. Especially at house shows and DIY venues where we go with the flow.

Is perfect time mandatory in creating a groove?
No way. That's why it's a groove and not a straight-up beat. It's got to have a feeling.

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