Zildjian Drummer Love Photo Tour Diary—Pacific

Zildjian Drummer Love Winner #1 Mason Amlee

In May and June 4000 drummers competed in the Zildjian Drummer Love contest, (co-sponsored by Converse, DRUM! Magazine and photographer Robert Downs). At Drum! we spent weeks poring over videos to pick finalists in two regions. Then celebrity judges Tommy Lee, Questlove, and Kenny Aronoff picked the six winners. Mason Amlee, a recent transplant to Los Angeles, with a meticulous groove, won the Pacific title, nabbing some Zildjian cymbals and a bit of everlasting fame. Mason will be profiled in DRUM!’s October 2011 issue, out next month.

Robert Downs headed out to shoot the Zildjian Drummer Love - Pacific Region winner, Mason Amlee on July 18.Read Robert’s blog below about the shoot. Here’s a list of the cymbals Mason chose:

22" K Custom High Definition Ride
19" K Custom Hybrid Crash
17" K Custom Hybrid China
14" K Custom Session HiHats
20" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom EFX

Note: You can head over to Zildjian’s Facebook Page for photos of the Drummer Love Tour.

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