5 Drummers Discuss The Mechanics Of Footwork

“Does your footwork mostly come from the ankle, or do you put your whole leg into the strokes?”

Tommy Lee
Age: 48
Drumming Experience: 34 years
Band: Mötley Crüe, Methods Of Mayhem

“I mostly use my whole leg … anything less would be like just sticking the tip in. Ha-ha!”

Matt Greiner
Age: 25
Drumming Experience: Nine years
Band: August Burns Red

“I use a combination of my ankle muscle and leg when playing my pedals. I play heel-down with more leg muscle when I’m playing slower tempos with more groove, and heel-up when I’m playing with more power and precision.”

Morgan Ågren
Age: 44
Drumming Experience: 25 years
Band: Mats/Morgan

“I don’t have too much tension in my leg. Good bass drum foot is about balance. I have this ’bouncing’ technique that I use with my foot. Good and fun exercise!”

Iggor Cavalera
Age: 40
Drumming Experience: 23 years
Band: Cavalera Conspiracy, ex-Sepultura

“I use my ankle muscle most of the time, but especially on double bass parts you got to use all the muscles in your leg. It’s quite a workout, but if you practice a lot you get used to the beating!”

Babatunde Lea
Age: 56
Drumming Experience: 40 years
Band: Babatunde Lea Quintet

“I use both and try to develop both: calf for working the foot from the ankle, and the thigh and stomach muscles to work the whole leg.”