Chicago Show 2012: The Slideshow

The Chicago Show 2012 this past May was another wonderful event. Now in its 22nd year, the show keeps getting better. Here's some more shots from the floor. For more info and videos of the event check out

Chicago Show

Welcome to the Chicago Drum Show. It's held at the Kane County Fairgrounds, near St. Charles Illinois.

Chicago Show

The exhibit space sold out and the crowds were healthy.


These Slingerlands in copper sparkle were sweet!

Ludwig Beatles

Classic brands like Ludwig were everywhere.

{pagebreak} Rogers Drums

Rogers drums in green and blue sparkle.


New drums were displayed as well, including this kit from Gretsch..

Men of Noble

The men of Noble & Cooley displayed their awesome, timeless snares.

Noble snare

Noble & Cooley snare drum.

{pagebreak} Bill Ludwig

Colin Hilborne of Prentice Pads and W.F. Ludwig III

Crash Flash

The Crash Flash is a nifty device that triggers lights as you play.

Les De Merle

Big Band Drummer Les DeMerle and Mike Clark took time out for a bruising snare drum battle. Les was dishing it out here.

Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan's cymbals come in amazing designs. This is sort of a bat wing.

John Fred Young

Clinician John Fred Young of Buckcherry.

{pagebreak} Fred Young

John Fred Young jammed with his Uncle Fred, of Kentucky Headhunters fame.

Detroit Custom

Detroit Custom builds some beautiful drums.

Boogie Beat

Boogie Beat drums makes highly affordable snares plus this wild bass head veneer.

Andy Doerschuk

DRUM! founder Andy Doerschuk (right) with drummer Billy Thommes.

Amedia Eremya

This Amedia cymbal with a bit of silver in the bronze had a great bell-like sound.

Dynamicx Kit

Dynamicx kit.


It's not all collectors and boutique drum makers. Larger companies like Pearl and Zildjian also exhibited.

{pagebreak} Taye Drums

Taye showed some new snares. That's Todd Trent in the background.


Who are these guys? They were everywhere at this vintage show.

We Buy DrumsRock Custom

Weird? Or cool? Rock Custom Drums.

 Moon Mic

The Moon Mic is a new aproach to drum miking.


The Jenkins & Martin Drum Company has brought back the Blaemire fiberglass drums from the '60s. Very cool looking tubs.

Stone Drum Shells

Stone Drums offered some great shells.

Blaemire Drums

The men of Blaemire Drums

Three men

Dave Hughlett of RB Percussion (left) with Dave Clark, and Phil Hood of DRUM!

little kids are rocking

Little kids rock outside the hall.


Look, but don't touch. An original set of Trixon drums.

copper drums

Got Copper? These beautiful vintage kits were a hit.

CCP shells

Chicago Custom Percussion showed off a towerful of their custom shells.

CCP drums

Chicago Custom Percussion's booth was notable for it's $999 made-in-America all-maple kit, and its upscale Infinity Series.

MBW Drums

MBW showed some of the more original finishes I"ve ever seen.

Erie Shells

Know your shell supplier. The men of Erie Drum Shells.

Ellis Drums

Ellis drums is a mainstay of the event and always has colorful drums on display. This is a great looking striped snare.

MBW Throw-off

MBW custom Throw-off

Snare Drums

Sure you don't need to buy a vintage snare drums?

For more info and videos of the event check out