Colby Peters Vies For Land Speed Record

Colby Peters
Equipment: Yamaha drums and hardware, Sabian cymbals, and Vater sticks.

Colby Peters is a restless young man. When he sent us his package last summer, The Squid hadn’t had a chance to write about him but felt sure his band Phoenix Falling was ready to blow up with its calculated metalcore sound. Generally not this mollusk’s genre, but underpinned as it was by Peters’ ironclad time, tensile strength, and breakneck transitions, it was more than tolerable. Flash forward six months, new band Galia Social, a prog-rock trio based in South Florida, sees him graduating from firecracker to pyrotechnician. On the unsigned band’s recent demo, the tunes are jam-packed with syncopated beats, furious fills, and sumptuous accents – busy as hell but also kinda awesome. On the track “Cancer” it’s like Peters and his guitarist are in a battle royale to see who can play the most notes. Heads up Fall Of Troy, Animals As Leaders, and Mars Volta fans.