By Waldo The Squid Originally published in the April 2009 issue of DRUM! Magazine

Danny Donati
EQUIPMENT Roland V-Drums TD-10 with 5 V-Cymba, SPD-S, SPD-20 , M-Audio Trigger Finger, M-Audio Ozone, Apple G5 Laptop, Ableton Live software, and DW pedals
CONTACT myspace.com/dannydonati

As a precocious kid in Puerto Rico, Danny Donati picked up the drums seemingly overnight before diving into the world of a working studio drummer — but his ambitions were grander. After earning a bachelor’s degree in jazz from the Interamerican University Of Puerto Rico, this Bozzio-and-Bruford-influenced player sidestepped the usual industry ladder to become a self-described DJ Drummer. Jamming on a fully loaded 10-piece Roland kit alongside a laptop, he’s a defacto one-man band on 12-track CD/DVD Serenity. But it’s not about being a software nerd; Donati’s proficiency on guitar, piano, and love of many genres all played a part in his unique rhythmic vision. In addition to this bit of musical trailblazing, Donati teaches drums at a small college, does freelance production, plays in a local orchestra, and even does film scoring (2004’s Vampiros: The Movie). Just one question, Dan: Do the designer shades help with evenness of strokes?