David Hoover: Academic Metalhead

David Hoover
Age 21
Equipment OCDP drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vater sticks, Remo heads, DW hardware.
Contact myspace.com/thehybridmusic

The Squid hears his fair share of metal drummers, but rarely do these young heshers have the blessing of academia that David Hoover does. This Berklee grad not only has studied with the likes of Rod Morgenstein, he also took private lessons with Mike Mangini for two years during his time at the famed institution. Before that he was learning rudiments in drum corp and improving his feel in high school jazz orchestra. Though Travis Barker was his original inspiration, he soon fell under the spell of Chris Pennie, Morgan Rose, and Danny Carey. The 11 tracks on The Art In The Artifice from his band The Hybrid showcase the fruits of thousands of shedding hours. Fast, powerful fills? Check. Tasty ways of breaking up the pulse on his hats. Yup. A well-placed China kang? Yessir. Plus, look at the way he stares down haters in his photo.