Travis Barker The Talk Of Tinsel Town, But Enter Music Publishing Traps Him Again During “Travis Barker” Week From April 18-25

Travis Barker

For Immediate, Rhythmic Release

San Jose, Calif., -- Travis Barker consistently keeps the media and the drumming community fascinated. Whether it’s his latest hip-hop record, Blink-182 reunions, plane crashes, or reality TV he never stays far from the public eye.

That’s why DRUM! will celebrate “Travis Barker Week,” from April 18 to the 25th on Each day, we are featuring recent and older, archived stories about Travis’ career. The editorial content will vary from video lessons from his new album, all the way back to his early days making punk drumming history with Blink-182.

Noting the importance of Travis Barker’s drumming, Andy Doerschuk, editorial director of Enter Music Publishing, said: "Probably no drummer than Travis Barker, in the past decade, is as responsible for so many kids picking up the sticks and deciding to play drums. He's a huge influence, and with his hip-hop excursions, the influence keeps growing."

Commenting further on the content, Andrew Lentz, managing editor, Enter Music Publishing, said: "Travis was the guy who really applied a rudimental marching style to punk and rock. He's a great drummer but it's his personal approach to the instrument that makes him unique."

Lately, Travis has stirred up controversy, and the ire of some rock drummers, with his comments about the acceptance he has received in the hip-hop community since the release of his latest recording, Give The Drummer Some (Deluxe Version) [Explicit]. After being criticized by some rock fans he said, "It seems like I have more in common-or hit it off better-with rappers than fools that are in rock music." But whether fans love him or hate him, he remains hugely influential.

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