'The Old School EP' Features New Recordings of Classic Rarities

Back in 1985 when jean jackets with the sleeves cut off were totally tubular and Doloreans were traveling back to the future, thrash music proliferated the metal scene. Bands around the globe started emanating this raw brutal sound and some made a career out of it. Italian thrash-metal ambassadors Extrema step back in time with their latest offering and follow up to 2013’s The Seed of Foolishness, entitled The Old School EP, out May 27, 2016. They revisit and rerecord five tracks originally written during the band’s heyday in the 80's exclusively for The Old School EP.

All five tracks were originally written in 1987, shortly after the release of Extrema's We Fuckin ' Care EP. Only one of these songs saw the light on an album – “Life” was originally released in 1993 on the band’s first full-length album Tension at the Seams. The track has been re-recorded for The Old School EP in addition to tracks the band is known for performing live-only or releasing as raw demos on rare tapes, including “Child Abuse”, the instrumental “M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O”, “Tribal Scream” and “Carcasses”.

The Old School EP track listing:

The idea came to guitarist Tommy Massara while tidying Extrema's audio archives. He began listening to a tape on which there were no notes or text records of any kind. Massara states, “These were very rough recordings that we planned to put on the album before 1993’s Tension at the Seams that instead never materialized, and here they “magically” popped out at me. I was amazed by the speed at which we played even then and I thought it would be fun for us and for the fans if we re-recorded them nearly 30 years later." The Old School EP marks the band’s first recording session with new drummer Francesco La Rosa, who recently replaced Paul Crimi on drums. It will be clear why his nickname is “Frullo”, which means “whipper” in English!

Extrema is:

GL Perotti: Vocals

Tommy Massara: Guitars

Gabri Giovanna: Bass

Francesco La Rosa: Drums