Portnoy Sniffing Around For A Groove

Here's an exclusive playthrough of Mike Portnoy shredding on The Winery Dogs new song "Ghost Town" from his "Hot Drums" Drum Cam DVD that is also to be released today on Mikeportnoy.com. The trio's new album Hot Streak is the follow-up to the self-titled rabidly rocking 2013 debut. On Hot Streak, The Winery Dogs, comprised of Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan, and guitarist Richie Kotzen, have found themselves stepping outside their comfort zone while staying true to their power-trio roots, as songs like the subtle whirling “Spiral” and the aforementioned “Fire” attest.

As they head out on the road to support Hot Streak, the band now has plenty of recorded material to draw upon. “This time around, I’m looking forward to having two albums and 25 or so of our own songs to choose from,” he says. “We can even keep the set completely, exclusively Winery Dogs material if we want. That’s the sign of a real band. When the first album came out, a lot of people were writing us off as a supergroup or whatever, but we wanted people to understand this wasn’t just a ‘project.’ It’s a legitimate band, and we want to make many albums together in the future.”

The Winery Dogs

They're not just trying to impress people with instrumental chops. Mike says, “The mission of this band is to write catchy songs, and not have the musicianship overpower them. That’s the icing on the cake--but the cake itself is always the song and the vocals. Every song on this album is memorable and catchy, and you’ll wake up whistling them all the next day.” For a drummer accustomed to having superstar status in the progressive music realm, Portnoy feels he’s done some of his best work with The Winery Dogs. “It’s been refreshing to play music that’s so easily digestible all across the board by any listener, whether they be a metal fan, a prog fan, or a classic rock fan,” he admits. “I think The Winery Dogs have something to offer for everybody.”

Portnoy says that though he may be in 46 different bands right now, The Winery Dogs are his priority, and everything else revolves around that. He adds, “It’s the same with Billy and Richie. It’s something that all three of our hearts and souls are fully into.”

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