In Their Own Words: Bobby Blotzer

Bobby Blotzer

You might remember Bobby Blotzer as the founding drummer of ’80s hair-metal outfit Ratt. Although the band has suffered through its fair share of post-hedonistic fallout since the original days of Spandex, Ratt’s back, baby, returning with their first new studio album in 11 years. Infestation breaks the silence in style with a contemporary update on that classic riff-rock excess for which the name Ratt will be forever synonymous. Here’s Blotzer with the tail.

The Rediscovery

Tom Lipsky, the president of Roadrunner Records, came to a show in L.A. a couple of years ago. He said, ‘Oh my God, I forgot how many songs you guys had! Do you guys want to do a new record? Do you have any new material?’ Infestation entered the charts in the states at #30; in Japan at #5; #6 in Canada. It’s like, Wow, okay, this is funny. This is exciting.

The Writing Process

I play guitar, been a guitarist for 30 years. I’m an accomplished writer. I’m not comparing myself to any of the greats, but I write some good rock and acoustic stuff. I go in and I lay it down to a click track. I record one guitar part, and then I’ll go in after I do the guitar part and I’ll play the drums to that, and I’ll come back and start laying the bass down, the rhythms, any kind of filler stuff.

The Other Writing Process

I’ve got an autobiography out called Tales Of A Ratt: Things You Shouldn’t Know. I’m 51 right now and I’ve had a hell of a ride. Everybody’s life has a story and mine is that of a small-town kid from Pittsburgh and how he ended up in California, going band to band to band and being in one that ended up being known around the world and selling 20 million records. I’m blessed and I don’t take it for granted.

The Future

I would like to see in my heart [Ratt] staying together, and trying hard at this thing they call being in a band, which is being married to four other people. But things are good right now. The label is already on us about writing for the next record. That’s how pumped they are. Let’s hope that things keep pushing upward.