Jamie Scoles: All The Right Grooves

By Waldo The Squid Published February 18, 2011

Jamie Scoles
Age 17
Equipment PDP drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks
Contact myspace.com/uhn_tiss_baby

As far back as Jamie Scoles can remember, she dreamed of being a rock star. After getting her first kit at age ten, the self-taught Scoles continued to perfect her style, entering talent contests here, a studio session there, and even touring across the country in assorted bands or as part of the entertainment at corporate conferences and other one-offs. Currently playing in local bands Freedom To Fall and Briana Harley, Scoles is conversant in many styles, including hip-hop, metal, and jazz. Although she considers herself primarily a rock drummer, Travis Barker’s hip-hop stylings with the late DJAM really seeped into her playing. That acoustic/hip-hop flair is on full tap in her video playing along to “Swing,” the club banger by Savage, to which she lends a relaxed, head-nodding groove. On her rudiment-filled low-key solo, her crossovers in particular stand out, but overall it’s her resistance to overplaying that’s so unusual for a teen.