Kevin Fortunato: All That Jazz

By Waldo The Squid Published February 10, 2011

Kevin Fortunato
Age 38
Equipment Eames, Sonor and Joshua Tree Percussion drums; Bosphorus, Istanbul, Sabian, and Zildjian cymbals; Vic Firth sticks

As a Berklee grad and first-call instructor in the Boston area, Kevin Fortunato isn’t the usual New Blood entry, but dude straight-up blazes and y’all need to recognize. No wonder his skill set is so complete, having learned from greats Gary Chaffe, Bob Gullotti, and Jon Hazilla. Fortunato plays in many jazz bands including the Adam Hofman Revival and The Bill Thompson Band, but what really stopped The Squid in the middle of his rudiments was Fortunato’s CD sampler ranging from soft jazz to sultry Latin licks – many of them with titles like “Tune In 17” and “2/26” (No futzing here, just straight to the time signature). This mollusk also loved the way Fortunato’s home-studio audio captured his kit’s every resonant ride ping and warm, rounded bass drum thud. We envy Fortunato living in a city with such a rich jazz-drumming legacy. Just one thing, Kevin: Promise us you’re not a J. Geils fan.