Marc Celeste: A Very Prog Profile

Marc Celeste
Age 53
Equipment 1987 Premier Resonator series drums; OCDP maple snare (main) and Pearl mahogany snare (auxiliary; occasionally swapped with Yamaha Musashi oak snare), Sabian and Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth Danny Carey signature sticks, Pearl pedals, Yamaha hi-hat stand, Evans heads, and Gibraltar rack.

For Marc Celeste, there’s no such thing as too many drums. Check out this 12-piece English beauty in white lacquer, which the Manchester, New Hampshire resident bought on the spot at a Carmine Appice clinic – talk about an impulse purchase. His band, Seven Seconds Deep, plays a muscular brand of prog that Celeste anchors with lots of cool triplet-based footwork, and refreshingly, a traditional grip (check out original tracks “Lele’s Kiss,” “Into The Rift” and “The Road” on YouTube). “I’m completely self-taught,” says Celeste. “I never took any lessons at all – especially drum corps – though I wish I had.” After exploring classic rock when he first started playing, he got into Rush around 1982 and “went prog-rock ever since.” Though classic rock staples were a part of Seven Seconds Deep’s set list in the past, the band has a new bassist and are starting to really stretch with Satriani’s “Satch’s Boogie,” Rush’s “YYZ,” Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover,” and an instrumental of Led Zepp’s “Black Dog.” Keep flying the prog flag, Marc.