Kenny Howard Has Chops To Spare

kenny howard

Kenny Howard
Age 46
Equipment Pork Pie Drums, Amedia Cymbals, SilverFox Drum Sticks, Pearl Eliminator double pedal, Slug Percussion

For Kenny Howard, the solitude of growing up on Nantucket was the perfect laboratory in which to shed away the hours to build an immense drum vocabulary. (YouTube any of his many videos to get a feel for his finesse-filled open-ended solos.) Influenced by brainiac beatsmiths such as Matt Patella, Benny Greb, Jost Nickel, Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman, Gary Husband, Buddy Rich, Mike Mangini, and Stanton Moore, it’s not all cerebral stuff with Howard, though. Check out his drum cover of Oz Noy’s “Just Groove Me” to see him funk things up. Howard’s feel, reflexes, sensitivity, all of it, are attributable to playing in front of large crowds at an early age. When not teaching drums or doing session work, he’s working out of Stick Control, getting deep into linear drum set method, and playing out with his bands The Jimmy Whip Project and 211 In Progress.