New Blood: Mindy DuPonte

Mindy DuPonte

Age: 19
Equipment: Pearl Reference kit, Pearl Ian Paice signature snare drum, Supernaturals cymbals (Impact series ride and hats; Omega series crash; Revelation series China), Tama Iron Cobra single pedal, Evans heads, and Vic Firth sticks.

Phoenix–based hesher-ette Mindy DuPonte isn’t some token female in the dude-fest of extreme metal. Hellen, a death-metal trio she cofounded in 2006 at the age of 14, has just released Sorry For Screaming, a ripping slab of aggression on which she shrieks her self-penned lyrics from the kit, always set up center stage. Financing the recording on her own and serving as the band’s de facto webmaster, booking agent, and creative heart, DuPonte is living proof that talent alone is not enough in today’s music industry, you have to be the “full package.” YouTube her mini doc of NAMM 2011 in which she shows off mad networking skills. That Duponte runs Hellen while remaining a full-time student at Arizona State and holds a part time job in graphic design — and kept the band going in the wake of the overdose of her older sister, guitarist/singer Desiree — points to her extraordinary determination. So don’t apologize for screaming, Mindy. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get heard.

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