New Studio Footage Of Bobby Jarzombek

Fresh out of the video recorder – we just got our hands on a clip of Fates Warning/Sabastian Bach drummer Bobby Jarzombek tracking some smoking drum parts in the studio on the song “Aggrezzor,” due for release on the upcoming album by the progressive metal supergroup Zierler Projects.

“It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally in the home stretch with the Zierler Projects recording and about to edit the last tune so it can be handed off for to Finn [Zierler] for mixing,” Jarzombek says. “I’ve been documenting my part of the recording process, so I wanted to give everyone a video sneak peek of the work involved on my end. This is probably the most progressive stuff I’ve done since Spastic Ink – Ink Compatible almost ten years ago, so it’s been a real challenge to put all these crazy parts down to tape over the past 12 months whenever I could find some time between Bach, Fates, and Arch/Matheos gigs.”

So check out Bobby’s wicked chops for yourself. Here’s “Aggrezzor!”