Which Foot Do You Lead For Blast Sections?

POV: “Do you start any blast sections with your weak foot?”

Flo Mounier

Age 36
Years Playing 23
Band Cryptopsy
“Usually not, but there are the odd times when different bass drum patterns come into play and require the left foot to be utilized. The whole point of this question, though, is to try as hard as possible to make your weaker limbs not weak anymore. Mirror your stronger limbs and work those weak points to eliminate that difference.”

Jade Simonetto

Age 29
Years Playing 12
Band Hate Eternal
“You want to lead with your strongest limb. No matter what, your dominant side (right for me) will always be easier to control. And control means being able to haul ass for 60 minutes. This doesn’t mean I don’t work the hell out of my left hand/foot. I train every aspect of my drumming with equal focus, but showtime is showtime and you want put your best foot forward.”

John Longstreth

Age 36
Years Playing 20
Band Origin
“I have yet to in any of the songs I play. I’ve done things like this during practice for the sake of limb development, coordination, and general curiosity. It sounds cool when approached in a specific manner, but I generally try to keep things somewhat simple when it comes to blast mechanics.”

Nick Augusto

Age 26
Years Playing 14
Band Trivium
“I always start my blast sections with my right foot and never my left. The same goes for snare rolls and all fills, although I utilize my left foot working with the right during it.”

John Boeklin

Age 32
Years Playing 18
Band DevilDriver
“Being right footed I start every beat with my strong side no matter what type of blast I’m playing live. However, practicing a left-footed start on any type of beat involving both feet is amazing for developing your independence.”