Travis King: The Drummer Slayer!

travis king

Age 23
Equipment Response Custom Drums, TRX Cymbals, DW hard- ware, Vic Firth sticks, Evans heads, and Kickport bass drum port

Although Travis King went through the proper drum-geek channels (middle school percussion, high school marching band, playing in his church), the Chesterfield, Virginia, drummer knew that drumming was in his future after a local competition broadcast on a major radio station in Richmond that he entered in 2008 saw him slay a hundred or so competitors. On his video channel, check how King whips around the kit with ease and perfect posture and makes independence exercises funky. For big bashing fun, he has Safety Word Orange, a pop-rock band, in discussions with a major label. But King knows that a corporate exec’s handshake doesn’t mean jack, so he works diligently as an instructor doing in-person and Skype lessons mostly for advanced students. Until the day he signs on the dotted line, he has a relationship with Sony as independent professional for touring. Interestingly, King studied with Andre Labelle (formerly of the glam-metaller Vinnie Vincent, with whom DRUM! columnist and Slaughter touring drummer Bobby Rock used to play). Six degrees, my brother … six degrees.