What Drum Lick Have You Recently Incorporated Into Your Playing?

navene koperweis

Navene Koperweis

Age 26
Drumming Experience 15 years
Band Animals As Leaders
“I’ve been trying to incorporate different sixteenth-note combinations between the hi-hat, snare, kick, and floor tom with displaced accents, à la Eric Moore.”

brian viglione

Brian Viglione

Age 32
Drumming Experience 27 years
Band Dresden Dolls, Gentlemen & Assassins
“The press roll is my all time favorite because of how much finesse you can pack into this simple rudiment. You can ramp it up to a deafening volume, or bring the band out of a section with a smooth decrescendo into a soft, seamless downbeat. It’s just a beautiful device to create tension and release in the music.”

mel randolph

Mel Randolph

Age 29
Drumming Experience 14 years
Band Lionize
“Recently I have been experimenting and getting into the 2:3 or 3:2 clave a lot more. I’ve also been practicing more with the African 12/8 groove. Much of the music that has influenced me as a drummer and that I enjoy listening to involves these patterns.”



Age 33
Drumming Experience 16 years
Band Dir En Grey
“In order to make sure I am not simply relying on habit, I have been using a sequencer and creating phrases separately on kick, snare, toms, cymbals, etc.”

joe mengis

Joe Mengis

Age 32
Experience 22 years
Bands Climber, James Low Western Front
“When writing grooves, I’ve been rethinking the role of the right hand, abandoning the hi-hat for rudiments on the rims. My two favorites have been flam accents and single-stroke 5-stroke rolls.”