Letter Sent To Hudson Music….With No Response Back

Posted: September 13, 2010 10:44 AM


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Recently my wife and I traveled to Seattle and had the chance of a lifetime to see Michael Shrieve play with his band Spellbinder.  Michael was nice enough to chat us for quite a while between sets and is a very nice man.  Before attending the show, I was reading an online interview with him (not quite sure how old the interview is) and I was stunned when he mentioned that none of the existing video companies have approached him to do and instructional DVD of some sort.

I’m sure your well aware he’s the guy that played Woodstock with Santana and did the drum solo on “Soul Sacrifice”.  That one piece alone planted the seed in the brains of wanna-be drummers from around the world to actually start playing the drums for real.  People to this day still talk to him about that - to this day.  Not only did he make an enormous impact on the music/drum world that way, he was among the first to use and help develop electronic drums ‘way back in 1973.

Now please keep in mind Woodstock was 40 years ago and none of us are getting any younger.  Michael is now in his early 60’s but he plays far better now then in his days with Santana.  His variety of grooves, especially his Latin vibe grooves are mind bending.  When he was pushing his band the night we saw him, his vintage Ludwig Supra-Phonic it sounded amazing - like a rifle shot!.  Yes, I was sitting pretty close to him that night but, I’ve heard a snare sound like that live.  And this is even comparing it to when I sat within three feet of Steve Smith and Vital Information one night in West Hollywood.  I, and I’m sure many others around the world, would jump at the chance to own something from his tremendous breadth of knowledge.

Today, with the astounding technology available, drummers can be captured with sound and video quality like never before.  Many drummers have passed on before that piece of them that we virtually live for could be captured and saved to be shared.  It would be an tremendous loss to the drumming and music worlds if something should happen to Michael before a project like this could be completed.

I bet he would be interested.

Thank for your time

J P Lapp

Despite the automatic response back from Hudson’s website saying that would respond back, I still have yet to hear anything back from them.

Hey Andy, if you have any connections into Hudson or know of any other companies that might pick up on this idea please, please feel free to pass this along.  If you have any suggestions of other companies who might be interested in this, please let me know.  Thanks J P

Posted: December 22, 2010 10:47 PM


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i can see that it might seem obvious that they need to reply, but what would they say?

‘cool beans, i’ll call him up.’

remember, it costs alot of money to prepare an instructional dvd, and there isn’t a large market for them. he needs to be incredibly visible in the drumming community for it to be worthwhile for hudson music, or any other production company.


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