A world wothout hi-hat bleed

Posted: November 11, 2012 08:25 AM


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    Nov 11, 2012

(Sorry I originally posted this topic in the wrong category so here it is again in the right category)

Hi, I’m a recording “engeneer” (I’m not super pro at it). Each time I record a drummer, I allways have the same worry: will there be too much hi-hat bleed. I meen, mixing a song with sampled drums is WAY easier than mixing one with a real drum, the reason being hi-hat bleed in the snare track manely.  Are you drummers aware of the general hi-hat bleed issue? Is hi-hat bleed a problem on live gigs also, I meen when micing a drum for a show, you get pretty much the same problems as in the studio don’t you? Another issue about hi-hat bleed is that mixing a good drum sound is so hard, and the standards so high (with all the quality drum samplers around) that when a musician thinks of hireing a drummer for a studio gig, he will think twice, cause there is a good chance the the sampler track (if well programmed) will turn out better results in the mix than an actual drum. This, without all the trouble dealing with the hi-hat bleed. If you put all of this together, one could conclude that hi-hat bleed is actually killing the drummer profession (in studios at least). Does this make sense?