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Posted: December 10, 2012 01:10 PM


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With YouTube as popular as it is, making drumming videos can be a great way to share what you’ve been practicing with the world.  I recently starting making some solo drumming videos so I figured this would be a great way to share some of those videos within the drumming community and also to encourage anyone to do the same.  It would be great to have this forum be a hub to share drumming videos where drummers could give different feedback on each others videos and drumming.  One of the best ways to learn new stuff is from other drummers who offer a fresh new outlook. Another good way is to learn from other drummers on recording and what they play. 

Here is a video that I just completed.
It is a drum cover from one of my favorite bands ‘The Apex Theory’ called “Burglar soup.’  I thought this was a great song to do a drum cover of because it has so many different styles of drumming involved like syncopation, tasty grooves, crazy metal double bass riffs, quiet rim shot beats, all out open smash power parts, technical rhythms, etc.  Somehow with all these different styles of drumming packed into a 4 minute song, it still flows great.  I highly recommend checking out some more stuff from this band especially if you’re a drummer because I have learned so many new beats and rhythms from playing along to their stuff and have been able to incorporate it to my own drumming style which is what it’s all about.