Drum Trio Playmobeat – Standup Drumedy!

Posted: December 12, 2012 02:46 PM


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Playmobeat is an upcoming drum trio from Berlin, the fusion of three different grooves and three different characters to a huge drum-spectacle and a whole new world of entertainment: stand-up drumedy!

Founded in 2009, the band instantly appeared all over Germany’s drum scene due to their unique concept of combining humour and cutting-edge drumming. The story of their success soon led to the release of their first DVD “Transit” in 2010. Inspired both by rhythms and percussion techniques from around the world and by individual experiences from numerous projects, Andi Bühler, Chris Heiny and David Pätsch have compiled hugely creative, often funny, repeatedly surprising arrangements.

Playmobeat is a well-timed concept work of three creative drummers, who with discipline and high-end technique make the essence of playing the drums blossom formidably, discharging a tremendous magic in the process.

In January 2013, the new project “Three Drummers hit the Headlines 2013” will be launched, presenting freshly produced movies of their latest projects and related tutorial videos every month.

Check out the Standup Drumedy Video, featured by “Drum Connection”, “Drums, Drummers & Drumming” and many others!
Watch Standup Drumedy on Youtube!

Playmobeat on Facebook: www.facebook.com/playmobeatdrums