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It irks me that some eBay sellers wait to leave their feedback until after the buyer leaves feedback. We all know that the seller will return a negative feedback if the buyer leaves a negative feedback. I think it is only proper for a seller to leave feedback once his part of the transaction has been finished (e.g. he has received payment and has shipped the product). Memphis Drum Shop practices this type of transaction.

I was about to purchase a drum this week but halted my purchase after I read the fine print that the vendor waits to leave his feedback until the seller provides their feedback. This is nonsense. I did purchase a cymbal this summer and the vendor waited until I left my feedback. He did not deliver when he promised and the cymbal was received scratched. He was poor at commicating with me. I waited for him to leave his feedback but he never did because I assume he was waiting for my feedback. Shame on you.

Name and shame?


Posted: October 18, 2010 08:38 AM

David Pak

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I agree that more than a few sellers engage in a bit of gamesmanship when it comes to feedback.

Playing devil’s advocate.
The argument can be made that the transaction can’t be considered complete until after the buyers provides feedback. Did you get the item? Did it arrive as promised? Was the buyer happy with the purchase? The could lead to a situation where the buyer first leaves positive feedback only to find that they buyer either wasn’t happy with the transaction in a manner that the seller could have remedied if it had known about it and/or a buyer could just be “difficult” and be expecting something that wasn’t promised and leave negative feedback.

In a way the feedback can almost be considered part of the price of the item. Sort of like COD “Cash On Delivery” only FOD “Feedback on Delivery”

Not saying that this is always the case but simply presenting a possible other side.