Terry Bozzio clinic

Posted: October 27, 2010 06:54 AM


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I went to a Terry Bozzio clinic last night.  That guy is one of the most musical drummers I’ve seen.

It wasn’t so much a clinic as a bunch of drum solos.  He started with four solos, all phenomenal, all completely different, and all songs.  No tracks to play along, no click.  His feet were pounding out the ostinatos while the hands went nuts.  There were a lot of polyrhythms, but at his speed, it was had to tell what was going on.

Most of us are familiar with his recordings, you tube & Drum Channel, but I’ve never seen him live before.  I love the way he created on the spot & covered the entire kit.  The music store had to supply the kit, and Terry said it was identical to his old setup.  I never understood why he needed such a big setup, but he used in all in a musical context that blew me away.

He did do some talking.  He mentioned what he’s working on now, answered a few (3) questions (all historical), and gave a short lesson on ostinatos & limb independence.  One question was about the Black Page.  I’m guessing his explanation of what Zappa wrote went over ½ the crowd- that guy wrote insanity!

He ended with a solo that was more straight forward than his others-4/4, keep the beat, then play incredible fills.  When it was over, the room let out a communal gasp, then gave him a stand O. 

Worst part was the forty minute drive home.  I was flipping to ever radio station I could find, but nothing sounded good after hearing a master.


loud is my forte

Posted: October 27, 2010 06:58 AM

Andy Doerschuk_1

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve seen plenty of Bozzio clinics before where he plays his ostinato-based compositions, and he’s always riveting. The funny thing is that when people see photos of his enormous kit they often say, “I doubt he plays even half of those drums.” Well, he really does use the entire kit and does so musically.


Andy Doerschuk
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