1 e & a 2…

Posted: December 17, 2010 07:53 AM


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Ever thought about how good you can really extend your knowledge on your beloved instrument, but you procrastinate alot which breaks down your head in the game?  I feel that I get that a lot since I have a practice pad at home to build up both rudiments and fills that I wrote for the next part of our song, and it kills the hell out of me just thinking about it and i still procrastinate on the pad :o

when you think of 1 e & a… and so on, you kinda have that voice that tells you as long as it’s either a 16th, 32nd, or 62nd note bar, you can make up alot of notes with it, like adding a triplet to a five stroke roll which makes it fit since it’s a full part (and I love throwing a technique here that’s flashy and in your face!).  I want you guys to kind of think of what you can do with a full bar and share it to the world, I need some inspiration my fellow mysterious drummers!